Please provide green skin-color for emojis"

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Fri Jul 30 05:34:39 CDT 2021

So, following two recent successful private initiatives to get 
astronauts into space, can we get green male emoji astronauts and green 
female emoji astronauts into space, maybe making a return trip via a 
geostationary satellite?
Good fun to try, but there is a Unicode question underlying this 
Can the ZWJ LARGE GREEN SQUARE sequence to get a green version be 
applied to an emoji sequence that already is a ZWJ sequence?
So for green emoji astronauts, if they can be encoded, there would be 
five characters in the sequence for each of them.

Yet where does the LARGE GREEN SQUARE character go in the sequence 

It seems to be that it could be third or fifth depending upon how one 
looks at it.

If the astronaut sequence is regarded as a preset block, then the ZWJ 
LARGE GREEN SQUARE sequence is added at the end.

If, however, the astronaut sequence is not regarded as a preset block, 
the ZWJ LARGE GREEN SQUARE sequence is characters 2 and 3 in the total 
Also, what rgb colour values for green?
If an rgb colour is specified now, then maybe just maybe everybody will 
do the same, but otherwise there would be various shades, possibly 
causing confusion during interchange.

Would r=0, g=204, b=0 be a good choice?
Best regards,
William Overington
Friday 30 July 2021

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Unicode already provides a way to have colored emojis. 
Its just that fonts don't support it. but if colored people is important 
to you, then edit an open source emoji font and provide colorful people 
for anyone else interested

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