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William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 29 14:23:08 CST 2021

I have continued to make progress with designing abstract emoji for 

Please find attached a graphic displaying sixteen glyphs.

The graphic is a detail from a print screen image of a display produced 
in Microsoft Edge using a COLR/CPAL colour font that I have designed and 

The glyphs represent the following relationships.
father mother parent

uncle aunt (name?)

grandfather grandmother grandparent

husband wife spouse

If it helps, I think of the middle part of the male glyphs as a stylized 
square, the middle part of the female glyphs as a stylized lozenge 
(based on heraldry), and the middle part of the gender neutral glyphs as 
a stylized circle.

I realize that those stylizations for lozenge and circle are not 
ikmathic to the originals, but I wanted to keep the designs on a grid.

Each glyph is different from all of the others in monochrome too.

Most of the relationships are by kinship or marriage yet I have also 
designed glyphs for friend and guardian.

William Overington

Friday 29 January 2021

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