Draft proposal: Old Polish nasal vowel letter

Daniel Buncic daniel.buncic at uni-koeln.de
Sat Jan 9 04:45:36 CST 2021

Am 09.01.2021 um 01:14 schrieb Richard Wordingham via Unicode:
> The Polish letter is clearly a modified LATIN LETTER O.  The
> diacritic is a slash, and diacritics are unified on the basis of
> shape.  The debate should therefore be whether the slash is
> sufficiently different from that of Danish - or combines sufficiently
> differently.  Polish and modern Greek acute accents are steeper than
> western European acute accents, but are still unified.

I completely agree with this.  And I would argue that

a "slash" that in most cases occurs as a vertical short line at the top
of the o plus a vertical short line at the bottom of the o, both of them
touching the outlines of the o but with no line crossing the interior of
the o itself,

is quite different from

a slash that is always diagonal, always one long line and always
crossing the interior of the o.

I do not think Danes and Norwegians would be happy if we treated the
former "form of slashed o" as a legitimate variant of the latter slashed
ø that could easily be used to spell Danish and Norwegian words.  Even
an unbroken but vertical line through the o (another variant of the
proposed new character) would certainly be perceived as wrong.  This is
quite different from the question whether the acute accent has a 30° or
a 60° angle, about which most French, Spanish, Polish, and Greek writers
could not care less (except for a few typography specialists of course).


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