Directionality controls for malicious code

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The UBA explicitly carves out room for specialized text handling in The goal of that
is to allow editors to handle bidi ordering in a sensible (and not
misleading) fashion in environments such as programming language editing,
specifically so that tokens are 'self-contained' and the ordering among
tokens is clear.

(There needs, however, to be more and clearer examples and guidance in
the UBA, #31, #36, and #39.)


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> > I'm not familiar enough with the bidi algorithm but for example it seems
> that unbounded RLO or RLI in a span should be forbidden unless they are
> properly balanced with a matching PDI or PDF
> The UBA mandates that all embeddings end at paragraph end, i.e. at a
> newline.  So unterminated embeddings and isolates behave exactly as
> terminated ones do, and requiring the embeddings and isolates to be
> properly terminated will only catch sloppy malicious tinkering with
> these controls, it won't catch the non-sloppy ones.
> > But I'm sure the problem is much more complex than that and I'd be
> curious if people in the know of the algorithm have an idea on how to go
> about it.
> I did have some ideas, and implemented detection of suspicious
> reordering for Emacs.
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