I'm trying to grok emoji-sequences.txt

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Hi Karl,

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> short_name is mentioned but I don't see it appearing in the file

The "Format" line has a "description" field, not a "short name" field, but
it looks like that's basically the same thing.

For CLDR data about emoji in all languages including English, you should
read the CLDR data files.

It says that 'type_field' is not intended to be a property, but then it
> says the type fields define the name of properties of strings.  I don't
> understand

At this time, these are not UCD properties, but for the purpose of regular
expressions they are usable as properties, and they are recommended
properties in UTS #18
<https://www.unicode.org/reports/tr18/#Full_Properties>. (Two such
properties were omitted and will be added in the next version.)

Hope this helps... you could submit a bug report
<https://corp.unicode.org/reporting.html> for clarification.

Best regards,
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