Please fix the trademark policy in regards to code

Ellie kittens at
Wed Sep 30 01:35:32 CDT 2020

Hi everyone,

if I am reading the trademark policy correctly I might be required to
rename my "unicode.c" source code file to "Unicode® implementation.c" or
some similar ugliness (in my humble opinion) to satisfy the "Trademark
Usage Policy", because it seems any sort of exception for source code
was left out. Not only does this not fit well with how I see many people
name their code files, but also special symbols can cause issues in
archives/tarballs when sharing the code. Furthermore, it seems like I
would need to add the ® into my variable names as well, even if the
language/compiler in question doesn't even support unicode characters,
and uppercase the U even if that doesn't fit with any of the coding style.

This seems counter-productive to me. Do libicu and such even do this? Or
any other programming project implementing unicode, really?

Therefore, I kindly ask that this is fixed some time soon, in the
document found here:

The exception should include naming of any source code files of any
program that may want to deal with unicode specifications in any way, as
well as any reference to unicode inside any such source code file.
(Unless you want me to make up silly joke names to refer to unicode in
my code instead, I guess I might consider that.)

I apologize if this is already covered somewhere in the policy, but I
really couldn't see it anywhere.



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