Missing flag emojis?

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Also, according to IANA the TLD .bq is not used (they use .nl instead).
What TLDs use is neither here nor there: the United Kingdom uses .uk while its ISO code is GB—which refers to the entire UK, not just Great Britain—with UK being exceptionally reserved for the United Kingdom but not the assigned code. (For reference, the code for Great Britain specifically (say, if an implementation wants to add support for the version of the Union Jack without the Patrick's Cross) is GB-GBN, i.e. tags 🏴gbgbn✦ in a regional flag sequence.)
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As "Netherlands Antilles" is no longer an entity, the flag of Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) is actually the same as the flag of the Netherlands proper. That means the RIS characters "BQ" should actually display that flag, not the flag of Bonaire as Benson Muite stated. But there are no absolute guarantees as to how platforms will render flag emoji.
I've never quite understood why the RIS sequence UM is broadly implemented, when there is not a flag specifically for the US Minor Islands (nor likely to be any push for one, given the lack of permanent residents), and the US flag already can be represented as US. It just strikes me as an unnecessary duplicate representation. But I presume this can be chalked up to the vendors trying to implement every country code (as opposed to the tiny selection of countries whose flags have JCarrier sources).

Although if a region without its own flag can display a flag of a country, state, province or autonomous region which it is part of, then that would provide a possible solution to those clamouring for a Kurdish flag (if vendors show it for 🏴iqar✦).

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