The Pitman English phonotypic alphabet and L2/11-153, L2/11-225

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Hello friendsI am working with Mr Ramachandran Rajaram on a proposal for the encoding of Pitman shorthand in Unicode.The history of this shorthand is such that the consonants and vowels can be related to the English Phonotypic Alphabet, also created by Sir Isaac Pitman. This alphabet was used to write several publications, including the below "The Phonetic News" (1849): was a proposal to encode this by Mr Karl Pentzlin docketed as L2/11-153. After a comment it was followed up by another revised proposal, sent by the German national body, L2/11-225.This proposal has good attestation for all requested characters so I am trying to figure out why this proposal failed. Because Mr Pentzlin seems to no longer participate, could the proposal be adopted by someone else, that is to say, me?Among the characters that were not encoded are Latin capital letter round top A, which the German NB proposed for U+A7AE, now occupied by an unrelated character. Without this character I am having trouble type setting my document and I'm needing to use the private use area.I am hoping that someone who is an expert in Unicode can help me find out why this proposal failed and what needs to be changed in it so that it can finally be accepted. While it is not in theory a requirement that the proposal be accepted to encode Pitman shorthand, because the two are so historically linked it would be preferable if I could show the phonotypic version of each shorthand glyph. Best,Fred Brennan
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