Question for Malay Jawi letter in Unicode - three quarter hamza

Julian Bradfield junicode at
Fri Oct 16 16:17:18 CDT 2020

On 2020-10-16, Doug Ewell via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:
> Yaya MNH48 wrote:
>> Of course, when font maker design their font, the default glyph for
>> the character will need to compromise between Kazakh (where it is
>> annotated to be used in) and Jawi in terms of position and sizing,
> This is a typical approach used by Latin-script font designers to make the acute accent look acceptable in both French and Polish.
>> but
>> font makers should make their font display the correct position and
>> sizing when the correct language is chosen in the software people are
>> using.
> I'm pretty sure that's not how fonts work.

Isn't that what language system tags and the locl feature in OpenType
are for?

Indeed, a moment's googling shows people making fonts with
language-dependent acutes.

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