Teletext separated mosaic graphics

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Oct 7 15:54:29 CDT 2020

Richard Wordingham wrote:

> Doug Ewell via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:
>> We all know there is no such thing in Unicode as a "hybrid" character
>> that is sometimes a control character and sometimes a graphic
>> character in normal use.
> That strikes me as a very good description of most of the 27 (as at
> Version 12) characters with an Indic syllabic category of virama.

A non-spacing mark (Mn) is not a control character (Cc). Whether it is rendered as a separate glyph or by modifying the glyph of a neighboring character is not the issue.

There is no such thing in Unicode as a character which has more than General_Category value. Either a character is a control character, or it is not.

Of course, I can create a program or a protocol that takes ordinary graphic characters such as < and >, and handles them in some special way, but then I am creating a new layer on top of plain text.

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