characters for edge crossing/edge casing

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I’m not sure what this question is asking. U+2573 doesn’t depict the bottom line being visually broken to show the top line crossing over it, as U+292B and U+292C do.


Matt appears to be looking for characters like U+292B and U+292C, but tilted 45 degrees so that the lines point north-south and east-west.



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Matt Rice wrote:

> I had looked, but couldn't find any characters suitable for edge
> crossing/casing such as tunnel's, bridges in the following paper,
> suitable for orthogonal graph layouts.
> e.g. vertical/horizontal crossing, somwhat similar to the characters
> ⤫, ⤫ U+292B-U+292C, but at 90 degrees.
> Or another style of crossing which I forget the name of,
> Have characters for this purpose been proposed before?

Shapecatcher couldn't find them either, so I suppose they don't exist and could be reasonably proposed.

Keep in mind that even at 90 degrees, it should be possible to show examples of them in plain text, not just in diagrams, and that arbitrary angles such as those shown in the paper should be inadmissible.



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