Re: Is Devanagari ल्लाँ ambiguous?

Michael Everson everson at
Wed May 6 08:01:26 CDT 2020

It is not ambiguous in encoding. Whether one interprets it as l̃lā or llā̃ is a reading rule. But the encoding is LA + VIRAMA + LA + -AA + CANDRABINDU either way.

> Is this Devanagari akshara ambiguous between "l̐lā" (with a nasalised
> first consonant, as in Sanskrit) and "llā̃ " (with a nasalised vowel, as
> in Hindi)?  If I understand correctly, the ISO 5919 transliterates the
> first reading as "m̐llā", or "m̐l lā" if one is splitting words
> combined by sandhi.
> Richard.

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