OverStrike control character

James Kass jameskasskrv at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 08:08:36 CDT 2020

On 2020-06-20 6:30 AM, abrahamgross--- via Unicode wrote:
> Does Yeoman show the “8 over 7” visually too, or does it just say “8 over 7” and you're supposed to imagine it urself?
Sometimes the catalogs include close-up photographs of the more popular 
variations in the graphics section of a page, but in the text listings 
it's just spelled out.  The Yeoman consulted earlier was a 1984 print 
version.  But I also looked at an on-line catalog, "numista", which 
likewise spelled out this particular overstrike (U.S.A. 1918D nickel 
five cent piece).

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