EBCDIC control characters

Corentin corentin.jabot at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 10:54:16 CDT 2020

Dear Unicode people.

The C0 and C1 control blocks seems to have no intrinsic semantic, but the
control characters
of multiple characters sets (such as some of the ISO encodings, and the
EBCDIC control characters) map to the same block of code points (for
EBCDIC, a mapping is described in the UTF-EBCDIC UAX - not sure if this
mapping is described anywhere else) such that a distinction between the
different provenance is not possible, despite these control characters
having potentially different semantic in their original character sets.

Has this ever been an issue? Was it discussed at any point in history?
Is there a recommended way of dealing with that?

I realize the scenario in which this might be relevant is a bit far-fetched
but as I try to push the C++ committee in the modern age, these questions,
unfortunately, arised.

Thanks a lot,

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