What constitute? an abstract character?

Ken Whistler kenwhistler at sonic.net
Mon Jun 15 10:03:10 CDT 2020

Not an interesting question, actually.

The units relevant to count in text, depending on what you are doing, are:

code units

code points

user-perceived characters (and other higher-level constructs which may 
be orthography-specific)

"abstract characters" are an artifact of the formal encoding process. 
They are really only "counted" by character encoding committees, not by 
software processing text strings.


On 6/15/2020 7:33 AM, Sławomir Osipiuk via Unicode wrote:
> I believe the underlying question is:
> How does one programmatically identify and/or count the abstract 
> characters in a Unicode text?
> Sławomir Osipiuk
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