OverStrike control character

Julian Bradfield junicode at jcbradfield.org
Wed Jun 10 12:04:30 CDT 2020

On 2020-06-10, abrahamgross--- via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
> 2020/06/10 午前3:37:37 James Kass via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>:
>> > On 2020-06-10 6:05 AM, abrahamgross--- via Unicode wrote:
>> > Like the japanese saying goes “シンプルイズベスト”
>> That's English written phonetically in katakana.
> It is, but "simple is best" doesn't mean anything in english, while it does mean something in japanese. in english it would be something like "simplicity is always better".

I can only conclude you're not a native English speaker. We can noun
adjectives if we want, just as we can verb nouns.

But in compsci, we say it more forcefully: KISS!

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