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2020/06/10 午前1:45:32 Garth Wallace via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>:

> Would x OVERSTRIKE z look the same as z OVERSTRIKE x? If yes, would they be considered identical for string matching purposes?

They would look the same.
In a perfect world they would be identical for string matching, but since its a new control character I would understand if ppl don't want to put in the effort to adopt it properly.

> Would they have to be reordered for normalization?

Not sure what this means, but if I understand it correctly, then this might actually be a good idea for collation. But it might also be too much effort to implement, so its not necessary. Like the japanese saying goes “シンプルイズベスト[https://www.weblio.jp/content/Simple+is+Best]”

> What would be the repercussions for collation?

I would say just take the first character in the sequence of overstriked characters and use that as the bases of collation. If this doesn't work, then I'm always open to suggestions.

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