Why do the Hebrew Alphabetic Presentation Forms Exist

abrahamgross at disroot.org abrahamgross at disroot.org
Sun Jun 7 13:50:01 CDT 2020

This doesnt display properly on my android device, so I hope ya'll received this intact.

2020年6月7日 14:45, "Abraham Gross via Unicode" <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:

> Some examples (theres tons and tons more): 
> 也𠃟𦫴𦬀𠔄𠃒
> 足𠯁𠯣
> 之㞢𠔇𡳿
> 是昰
> 乎𠂞𠂠
> 事亊𠭆
> 氣気气
> 中𠁦𠁧𠁩𠔈𠔗
> 典𠔓
> 教敎斅𢽾𧧿𤕝

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