Alternate presentation for U+229C CIRCLED EQUALS?

Mark E. Shoulson mark at
Fri Jun 5 18:42:50 CDT 2020

On 6/5/20 6:48 PM, abrahamgross--- via Unicode wrote:
> Yes, thank you!
> I vote for a separate codepoint for the CIRCLED EQUALS SIGN since it 
> has a different meaning and would also visually be displayed differently
> 2020/06/05 午後6:27:43 Asmus Freytag via Unicode <unicode at>:
>     Overloading this mathematical symbol with anything that needs
>     different styling is *wrong*.
We don't get to "vote" here, but I think my preference, too, would be to 
encode a new character, as opposed to a variant of U+229C (or doing 
nothing, which of course is another alternative.)  The "ND" license 
symbol just seems to be a different creature to the math operator.


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