Why do the Hebrew Alphabetic Presentation Forms Exist

Wáng Yifán 747.neutron at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 22:15:57 CDT 2020

I can't say that I am knowledgeable in the Hebrew script at all, but
at first glance of your examples, I feel that it's more appropriate to
be either put in the main block or realized with a variation selector
if it's of some significance and its usage is not algorithmically

Compatibility characters are for compatibility, which means coping
with standards preceding Unicode that don't go along with the Unicode
model. If there'd be no prior standard manifested the need of that
character/glyph, it'll be rather called "new character" so that it
won't have a reason to be stuffed into that block.

2020年6月4日(木) 10:38 abrahamgross--- via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>:
> What about a folded lamed? How do you think a proposal for that would go? I have plenty of proof of it being used in the same sentence (even in the same word) as a regular lamed, so its not just an alternate form of the same character like a and ɑ.
> Here are some examples:
> https://imgur.com/a/xw9Kb8Z

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