Incompleteness of Suzhou Numeral/FaMa encoding in Unicode

Fuqiao Xue at
Mon Jul 13 20:11:56 CDT 2020

2020年7月13日(月) 15:57 Marius Spix <marius.spix at>:
> >〡〢〣〣〢〡 should be written as 〡二〣三〢一
> Isn’t that a feature, which is possible with OpenType’s feature GSUB? It would be hard to search, copy and paste numbers, if you have two separate codepoints per orientation.

Yes, there will be problems in search, copy and paste numbers indeed,
even if many string search APIs or algorithms already implement things
like case-insensitive matching, Kana folding, and Unicode

Using the OpenType feature can also solve the input problem, since the
input method does not need to automatically change the code point for
some numbers. (Or the user manually chooses the digits when inputting
them one by one.)



> Regards, Marius

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