Incompleteness of Suzhou Numeral/FaMa encoding in Unicode

Kent Karlsson kent.b.karlsson at
Mon Jul 13 12:27:44 CDT 2020

> 13 juli 2020 kl. 14:34 skrev Phake Nick via Unicode <unicode at>:
> More information and examples of what I have mentioned in my previous mail about Suzhou numerals can be found at webpages like <> and <>

You may want to look at <>, where I (long ago, 2013) proposed to add Suzhou numerals to CLDR’s RBNF data.
(It switches between vertical and horizontal Suzhou digits.) While other Chinese and Japanese numerals have been incorporated into CLDR, Suzhou numerals
and counting rods have not yet been incorporated.

/Kent Karlsson

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