Egyptian Hieroglyph Man with a Laptop

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Wed Feb 12 12:12:14 CST 2020

Dear Unicode list members (CC Michel Suignard),

   the Unicode proposal L2/20-068 
“Revised draft for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs 
repertoire, Groups A to N” ( ) by 
Michel Suignard contains a very interesting hieroglyph at position 
*U+13579 EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH A-12-054, which seems to represent a man 
with a laptop, as can be obvious in the attached image.

   I am curious about the source of this hieroglyph: in the table 
acompannying the document, its sources are said to be “Hieroglyphica 
extension (various sources)” with number A58C and “Hornung & Schenkel 
(2007, last modified in 2015)”, but with no number (A;), which seems 
unique in the table. It leads me to think this glyph only exist in some 
modern font, either as a joke, or for some computer related modern use. 
Can anyone infirm or confirm this intuition ?


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