On the lack of a SQUARE TB glyph

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Sep 26 12:03:57 CDT 2019

Fred Brennan wrote:
> I can't help but notice that there is no "SQUARE TB" glyph. 
Marius Spix replied:
> Unfortunately, the CJK Compatibility block is full, but U+321F in the
> Enclosed CJK Letters and Months seems to be free. I definitely see a usage
> for the proposed character. 
IIRC the CJK Compatibility squared characters came from a legacy
character set or standard, developed at whatever point in history it was
developed. So it's kind of inevitable that the set of symbols in that
block might not always be up to date.
This seems like a reasonable candidate for a proposal. UTC won't add a
character based on mailing-list chat, of course; they'll need a proper
proposal. They'll also be the ones to decide what code point is
assigned, although the proposal can politely suggest one.
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