Grapheme clusters and backspace (was Re: Coding for Emoji: how to modify programs to work with emoji)

Daniel Bünzli via Unicode unicode at
Tue Oct 22 04:04:01 CDT 2019

On 22 October 2019 at 09:37:22, Richard Wordingham via Unicode (unicode at wrote:

> When it comes to the second sentence of the text of Slide 7 'Grapheme
> Clusters', my overwhelming reaction is one of extreme anger. Slide 8
> does nothing to lessen the offence. The problem is that it gives the
> impression that in general it is acceptable for backspace to delete the
> whole grapheme cluster.

Let's turn extreme anger into knowledge. 

I'm not very knowledgable in ligature heavy scripts (I suspect that's what you refer to) and what you describe is the first thing I went with for a readline editor data structure. 

Would maybe care to expand when exactly you think it's not acceptable and what kind of tools or standard I can find the Unicode toolbox to implement an acceptable behaviour for backspace on general Unicode text. 



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