Website format (was Re: Unicode website glitches. (was The Most Frequent Emoji))

Daniel Bünzli via Unicode unicode at
Sat Oct 12 03:16:30 CDT 2019

On 12 October 2019 at 02:05:23, Martin J. Dürst via Unicode (unicode at wrote:

> I think it's less the format and much more the split personality of the
> Unicode Web site(s?) that I have problems with.

I also do. 

One thing that is particulary annoying is the fact that the "home" link on the "technical" (unchanged) subpart of the website gets back to the "marketing" home page which is particularly inefficient (the links you are looking for are not above the fold on a laptop screen) and confusing (the whole layout shifts and the theme changes) for perusing the technical part of the website.

With all due respect for the work that has been done on the new website I think that the new structure significantly decreased the usability of the website for technical users.



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