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> Prior to Unicode 5.2, the encoding of the cluster [glyph] (<<chillu
> N, subscript RRA>> /ntʌ/) was not clearly defined. …
> You mean 5.1, right? The encoding has been specified since 5.1.

I couldn't get the text for 5.1 from So I had to specify 5.2 for
which the text is clear in

> … and <NA, VIRAMA, ZWJ, RRA> …
> How can implementations support this encoding without breaking the
> side-by-side form ൻറ though?

Here is the difference between our approaches. You probably are trying to
say that <NA, VIRAMA, RRA> is a valid sequence and hence the requirement of
being non-conflicting with the rest. I am not recommending that. I just
wanted to document the fact there is significant usage of <NA, VIRAMA, RRA>
for stacked ൻ്റ and <NA, VIRAMA, ZWJ, RRA>, to a lesser degree. Fonts may
or may not resolve the conflict of <NA, VIRAMA, ZWJ, RRA> sequence.
However, higher level systems may be able to resolve it by additional
context information. We should also continue to specify that <CHILLU N,
VIRAMA, RRA> is the standard sequence to help the input methods and other
normalisation logic.

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