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Just for additional info on the subject:


“…I’ve been spending a fair bit of time recently with the comma ellipsis, which is three commas (,,,) instead of dot-dot-dot. I’ve been looking at it for over a year and I’m still figuring out what’s going on there. There seems to be something but possibly several somethings.

One use is by older people who, in some cases where they would use the classic ellipsis, use commas instead. It’s not quite clear if that’s a typo in some cases, but it seems to be more systematic than that. Maybe they’re preferring the comma because it’s a little bit easier to see if you’re on the older side, and your vision is not what it once was. Or maybe they just see the two as equivalent. It then seems to have jumped the shark into parody form. There’s a Facebook group in which younger people pretend to be to be baby boomers, and one of the features people use there is this comma ellipsis. And then in some circles there also seems to be a use of comma ellipses that is very, very heavily ironic. But what exactly the nature is of that heavy irony is still something that I’m working on figuring out….”



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It’s deliberately incorrect for humorous effect. It gets used, but making it “official” would almost defeat the purpose.

Well then it should encode a "typographically incorrect" comma ellipsis :)



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Now that comma ellipses (,,,) are a thing (at least on social media) do we need a character proposal?


Asking for a friend,,, J



I thought the main reason we ended up with the period (dot) one is because it was originally needed for CJK-style fixed grid layout purposes. But It could be wrong.

What's the current status for 3-dot ellipsis. Does it get used? Do we have autocorrect for it? If so, that would argue that implementers have settled and any derivative usage (comma) should be kept compatible.




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