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On 10/6/2019 11:57 AM, 梁海 Liang Hai wrote:
> Folks,
> (Microsoft Peter and Andrew, search for “Windows” in the document.)
> (Asmus, in the document there’s a section 5, /ICANN RZ-LGR 
> situation/—let me know if there’s some news.)

The issue, as it affects domain names, has been brought to the authors 
of the Malayalam Root Zone LGR proposal, the Neo-Brahmi Generation 
Panel; however, there is no new status to report at this time. I would 
appreciate if you could keep me updated on any details of the UTC 
decision (particularly those that do not make the rather terse UTC minutes).


> This is a pretty straightforward document about the notoriously 
> problematic encoding of Malayalam </chillu n/, bottom-side sign of 
> /rra/>. I always wanted to properly document this, so finally here it is:
>     L2/19-345
>     <>
>     *Alternative encodings for Malayalam "nta"*
>     Liang Hai
>     2019-10-06
> Unfortunately, as <NA, VIRAMA, RRA> has already become the de facto 
> standard encoding, now we have to recognize it in the Core Spec. It’s 
> a bit like another Tamil /srī/ situation.
> An excerpt of the proposal:
>     Document the following widely used encoding in
>     the Core Specification as an alternative representation for
>     Malayalam [glyph] (<chillu n, bottom-side sign of rra>) that is a
>     special case and does not suggest any productive rule in the
>     encoding model:
> Best,
> 梁海 Liang Hai

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