Is the Unicode Standard "The foundation for all modern software and communications around the world"?

Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode unicode at
Tue Nov 19 17:00:21 CST 2019

It says "foundation", not "sum total, all there is."  I don't think this 
is much overreach.  MAYBE it counts as "enthusiastic", but not misleading.

Why so concerned with these minutiæ? Were you in fact misled?  (Doesn't 
sound like it.)  Do you know someone who was, or whom you fear would 
be?  What incorrect conclusions might they draw from that 
misunderstanding, and how serious would they be?  Doesn't sound like 
this is really anything serious even if you were right.


On 11/19/19 1:59 PM, Costello, Roger L. via Unicode wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Today I received an email from the Unicode organization. The email 
> said this: (italics and yellow highlighting are mine)
> /The Unicode Standard is the foundation for all modern software and 
> communications around the world, including all modern operating 
> systems, browsers, laptops, and smart phones—plus the Internet and Web 
> (URLs, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, etc.)./
> That is a remarkable statement! But is it entirely true? Isn’t it 
> assuming that everything is text? What about binary information such 
> as JPEG, GIF, MPEG, WAV; those are pretty core items to the Web, 
> right? The Unicode Standard is silent about them, right? Isn’t the 
> above quote a bit misleading?
> /Roger

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