Unicode "no-op" Character?

Sławomir Osipiuk via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Jun 22 16:50:49 CDT 2019

Indeed. There are plenty of control characters that seem useful, but they really aren’t, due to lack of support from common software. Unicode is deliberately silent about most of them, which is fair, but not always convenient. If faced with the same problem today, I’d probably just go with U+FEFF (really only need a single char, not a whole delimited substring) or a different C0 control (maybe SI/LS0) and clean up the string if it needs to be presented to the user.

I still think an “idle”/“null tag”/“noop”  character would be a neat addition to Unicode, but I doubt I can make a convincing enough case for it.


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But it doesn't appear anything actually 'supports' that.

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