Akkha script (used by Eastern Magar language) in ISO 15924?

Philippe Verdy via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Mon Jul 22 11:16:23 CDT 2019

According to Ethnolog, the Eastern Magar language (mgp) is written in two
scripts: Devanagari and "Akkha".

But the "Akkha" script does not seem to have any ISO 15924 code.

The Ethnologue currently assigns a private use code (Qabl) for this script.

Was the addition delayed due to lack of evidence (even if this language is
official in Nepal and India) ?

Did the editors of Ethnologue submit an addition request for that script
(e.g. for the code "Akkh" or "Akha" ?)

Or is it considered unified with another script that could explain why it
is not coded ? If this is a variant it could have its own code (like
Nastaliq in Arabic). Or may be this is just a subset of another
(Sino-Tibetan) script ?
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