Unicode "no-op" Character?

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The fact that this would require a change that is unlikely to occur is a fact I have stated repeatedly. It is pointless to tell me that.


The rest of the thread, after my initial question was answered, was a thought experiment, and while I strongly disagree that such posts are “pointless” (actually, reading through the archives of this mailing list it is those ideas that have fascinated me the most and I found most engaging and enlightening) I admit I’m new here, so I will defer.


Is my idea unrealistic at this point in time? Yes. I have admitted so.


Is my idea impossible, useless, or contradictory? Not at all.



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Your goal is not achievable. We can't wave a magic wand, and suddenly (or even within decades) all processes everywhere ignore U+000F in all processing will not happen.


This thread is pointless and should be terminated.

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