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Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Jan 31 11:49:25 CST 2019

Kent Karlsson wrote:
> ITU T.416/ISO/IEC 8613-6 defines general RGB & CMY(K) colour control
> sequences, which are deferred in ECMA-48/ISO 6429. (The RGB one
> is implemented in Cygwin (sorry for mentioning a product name).)
Fair enough. This thread is mostly about italics and bold and such, not
colors, but the point is well taken that one of these leads invariably
to the others, especially if the standard or flavor in question
implements them.
> ECMA-48/ISO 6429 defines control sequences for CJK emphasising, which
> traditionally does not use bold or italic.
But that's OK. For low-level mechanisms like these, it should be
incumbent on the user to say, "Yes, I can use this styling with that
script, but I shouldn't; it would look terrible and would fly in the
face of convention." ISO 6429 also allows green text on a cyan
background, which is about as good an idea as CJK italics.
> Compare those specified for CSS
> (https://www.w3.org/TR/css-text-decor-3/#propdef-text-decoration-style and
> https://www.w3.org/TR/css-text-decor-3/#propdef-text-emphasis-style).
> These are not at all mentioned in ITU T.416/ISO/IEC 8613-6, but should
> be of interest for the generalised subject of this thread.
I'm hoping we can continue to restrict this thread to plain text.
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