Proposal for BiDi in terminal emulators

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at
Thu Jan 31 11:31:43 CST 2019

Egmont Koblinger wrote:
> "Basic Arabic shaping, at the level of a typewriter, is
> straightforward enough to be implemented in the application, using
> presentation form characters, as I suggest". Could you please point
> out the problems with this statement?
As multiple people have pointed out, Arabic presentation forms don't
cover the whole Arabic script and are not generally recommended for new
applications, though they are not formally deprecated.

If you take a look at the parallel discussion about italics in plain
text, you will see a corollary in the use of Mathematical Alphanumeric
Symbols: they look tempting and are (usually) easy to render, but among
other things, they only cover [A-Za-zıȷΑ-Ωα-ω] and thus miss much
of the text that may need to be italicized.
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