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Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Tue Jan 29 11:10:12 CST 2019

Philippe Verdy replied to James Kass:
> You're not very explicit about the Tag encoding you use for these
> styles.
Of course, it was Andrew West who implemented the styling mechanism in a
beta release of BabelPad. James was just reporting on it.
> And what is then the interest compared to standard HTML
This entire discussion, for more than three weeks now, has been about
how to implement styling (e.g. italics) in plain text. Everyone knows it
can be done, and how to do it, in rich text.
> So you used "<U+E003C,U+E0063,U+E003E>bold <U+E003C,U+E002F,U+E0063,
> U+E003E> I.e, you converted from ASCII to tag characters the full HTML
> sequences "<b>" and "</b>", including the HTML element name. I see
> little interest for that approach.
I thought we had established that someone had mentioned it on this list,
at some time during the past three weeks. Can someone look up what post
that was? I don't have time to go through scores of messages, and there
is no search facility.
I can't speak for Andrew, but I strongly suspect he implemented this as
a proof of concept, not to declare himself the Maker of Standards.
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