Encoding italic

Kent Karlsson via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Mon Jan 28 05:54:10 CST 2019

Den 2019-01-28 02:53, skrev "James Kass via Unicode" <unicode at unicode.org>:

> plain-text and are uncomfortable using the math alphanumerics for this,
> although the math alphanumerics seem well qualified for the purpose. 

It "works" basically only for English (note that any diacritics would be
placed suitable for math, not for words, and then there are Latin letters
that do not have a decomposition (like ø), and then there is of course
Cyrillic, and a whole slew of non-Latin scripts. So, no, they do NOT AT
ALL "seem well qualified". And... We already have a well-established
standard for doing this kind of things...

/Kent K

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