Ancient Greek apostrophe marking elision

James Kass via Unicode unicode at
Sat Jan 26 05:45:19 CST 2019

Mark Davis responded to Asmus Freytag,

 >> breaking selection for "d'Artagnan" or "can't" into two is overly fussy.
 > True, and that is not what U+2019 does; it does not break medially.

Mark Davis earlier posted this example,
 > So something like "δ’ αρχαια" (picking a phrase at random) would have
 > a word break after the delta.
If the user wanted to use the preferred character, U+2019, would using 
the no break space (U+00A0) after it resolve the word or line break 
issues?  Or possibly NNBSP (U+202F)?

It's a shame if users choose suboptimal characters over preferred 
characters because of what are essentially rendering/text selection 
issues.  IMO, it's better to use preferred characters in the long run.

(Users should file bug reports on applications which improperly medially 
break strings which include U+2019.)

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