Encoding italic

James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Jan 24 10:33:39 CST 2019

 > Maybe I should have said emoji are fan-driven.

That works.  Here's the previous assertion rephrased:

   We should no more expect the conventional Unicode character encoding
   model to apply to emoji than we should expect the old-fashioned text
   ranges to become fan-driven.

And if we don't want the text ranges to become fan driven, as pointed 
out by Martin Dürst and others, we take a cautious and conservative 
approach to moving forward with the standard.

Veering back on-topic, the anti fan driven aversion doesn't apply to 
encoding italics, although /fans/ would benefit.  There's pre-existing 
conventions for italics, and a scholar with the credentials of Victor 
Gaultney should be able to make a credible proposal for encoding them.  
I hope we haven't overwhelmed him with a surplus of rhetoric.

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