Encoding italic (was: A last missing link)

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Mon Jan 21 14:46:56 CST 2019

Kent Karlsson wrote:

> There is already a standardised, "character level" (well, it is from
> a character standard, though a more modern view would be that it is
> a higher level protocol) way of specifying italics (and bold, and
> underline, and more):
> \u001b[3mbla bla bla\u001b[0m
> Terminal emulators implement some such escape sequences.

And indeed, the forthcoming Unicode Technical Note we are going to be
writing to supplement the introduction of the characters in L2/19-025,
whether next year or later, will recommend ISO 6429 sequences like this
to implement features like background and foreground colors, inverse
video, and more, which are not available as plain-text characters. 
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