James Kass via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Jan 19 05:53:01 CST 2019

Marcel Schneider wrote,

 > When you ask for knowing the foundations and that knowledge is 
persistently refused,
 > you end up believing that those foundations just can’t be told.
 > Note, too, that I readily ceased blaming UTC, and shifted the blame 
elsewhere, where it
 > actually belongs to.

Why not think of it as a learning curve?  Early concepts and priorities 
were made from a lower position on that curve.  We can learn from the 
past and apply those lessons to the future, but a post-mortem seldom 
benefits the cadaver.

Minutiae about decisions made long ago probably exist, but may be 
presently poorly indexed/organized and difficult to search/access. As 
the collection of encoding history becomes more sophisticated and the 
searching technology becomes more civilized, it may become easier to 
glean information from the archives.

(OT - A little humor, perhaps...
On the topic of Francophobia, it is true that some of us do not like 
dead generalissimos.  But most of us adore the French for reasons beyond 
Brigitte Bardot and bon-bons.  Cuisine, fries, dip, toast, curls, 
culture, kissing, and tarts, for instance.  Not to mention cognac and 

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