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On 1/17/19 1:50 PM, Frédéric Grosshans via Unicode wrote:
> On a side note, you the site considers visible speech as a 
> living-script, which surprised be. This information is indeed in the 
> Wikipedia infobox and implied by its “HMA status” on the Berkeley SEI 
> page, but the text of the wikipedia page says “However, although 
> heavily promoted [...] in 1880, after a period of a dozen years or so 
> in which it was applied to the education of the deaf, Visible Speech 
> was found to be more cumbersome [...] compared to other methods,and 
> eventually faded from use.”
> My (cursory) research failed to show a more recent date than this for 
> the system than this “dosen of year or so [past 1880]” . Is there any 
> indication of the system to be used later? (say, any date in the 20th 
> century)
I just got email a few days ago from someone who wants to use it on an 
album cover...

But on the whole I think you are correct; I have not seen much use or 
even study of it (outside of my own and a very few others) in recent 
times.  And I *still* have to submit a proposal for it to be included in 


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