NNBSP (was: A last missing link for interoperable representation)

Marcel Schneider via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Jan 17 03:05:03 CST 2019

Courier New was lacking NNBSP on Windows 7. It is including it on
Windows 10. The tests I referred to were made 2 years ago. I
confess that I was so disappointed to see Courier New unsupporting
NNBSP a decade after encoding, while many relevant people in the
industry were surely aware of its role and importance for French
(at least those keeping a branch office in France), that I gave it
up. Turns out that foundries are delaying support until the usage
is backed by TUS, which happened in 2014, timely for Windows 10.
(I’m lacking hints about Windows 8 and 8.1.)

Superscripts are a handy parallel showcasing a similar process.
As long as preformatted superscripts are outlawed by TUS for use
in the digital representation of abbreviation indicators, vendors
keep disturbing their glyphs with what one could start calling an
intentional metrics disorder (IMD). One can also rank the vendors
on the basis of the intensity of IMD in preformatted superscripts,
but this is not the appropriate thread, and anyhow this List is
not the place. A comment on CLDR ticket #11653 is better.

> Due to the way <NNBSP> made its delayed way into Unicode, font
> support was reported as late as almost exactly two years ago to
> be extremely scarce, this analysis of the first 47 fonts on
> Windows 10 shows:
> https://www.unicode.org/L2/L2017/17036-mongolian-suffix.pdf
> Surprisingly for me, Courier New has NNBSP. We must have been
> using old copies. I’m really glad that this famous and widely
> used typeface has been unpdated. Please disregard my previous
> posting about Courier New unsupporting NNBSP. […]

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