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On 17/01/2019 07:36, David Starner via Unicode wrote:
> On the other hand, most people won't enter anything into a tweet they can't enter from their keyboard, and if they had to, would resort to cut and paste. The only people Unicode italics could help without change are people who already can use mathematical italics. If you don't have buy-in from systems makers, people will continue to lack practical access to italics in plain text systems.

Yes that is the point here, and that’s why I wasn’t proposing anything else than we can input right from the current keyboard layout. For italic plain text we would need a second keyboard layout or some corresponding feature, and switch back and forth between the two. It’s feasible, at least for a wide subset of Latin locales, but it’s an action similar to changing the type wheel or the ball-head.

Now thankfully the word is out.

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