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Wed Jan 16 11:30:15 CST 2019

Asmus Freytag wrote as follows:

>  PS: of course, if a contemplated change, such as the one alluded to, 
> should be ill advised, its negative effects could have wide ranging 
> impacts...but that's not the topic here.

If you object to encoding italics please say so and if possible please 
provide some reasons.

I am on moderated posts because one of my ideas, on which I am 
continuing to research, is permanently banned from being discussed in 
the Unicode mailing list. Every post that I send is screened by a 
moderator, not every post gets through to the mailing list.

There have been developments in my research project such as the 
definition of an encoding space for the particular purpose and I am 
proposing being able to express access to those items using U+FFF7 and a 
sequence of tag digits so that the items can be unambiguously encoded in 
Unicode plain text. That could be very useful for the future, yet I 
cannot even post about it to the Unicode mailing list because the topic 
is permanently banned. One character to implement a potentially very 
useful invention, and its encoding cannot be discussed in the Unicode 
mailing list. So many people will not even know that the suggestion has 
ever been made and so they can neither think it a good idea, nor make 
helpful comments or otherwise because it cannot even be discussed.

So the encoding of italics, on which topic my posts have thus far been 
allowed through, is only very minorly regarded as controversial in 
relation to my research project.

I have sent a copy of this email to various people as well as to the 
Unicode mailing list, and it may well be that this post will not be 
allowed to go through to the Unicode mailing list due to the ban, so if 
replying to this email please do not send a copy to the Unicode mailing 
list unless you get a copy listed as from me via Unicode rather than 
just listed as from me, because although I would like to get discussion 
in the Unicode mailing list of the possibility of encoding U+FFF7 as a 
base character for these items I do not wish such a discussion in the 
Unicode mailing list to be by error.

William Overington
Wednesday 16 January 2019

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