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On 16/01/2019 06:05, David Starner via Unicode wrote:
> […] There's no one here regards plain text with derision, disdain or contempt.
There is one sort of so-called plain text that looks unbearable to me. That is the draft-style plain text full of ASCII fallbacks. Especially those where Latin abbreviation indicators that are correctly superscript, are sitting on the baseline. Also those using ASCII space or Latin-1 non-breakable space to space off French punctuation, and where those marks are then cut off by line breaks, or torn apart by justification when such plain text is the backbone of rich text on the web (where <NBSP> remains unhacked, unlike in word processors where it’s fixed-width, and even then it’s ugly).

> […] Dismissing the people who use Unicode in ways that aren't plain text is unfair […].
Is this statement applying the restrictive house policy about what is “ordinary (plain) text” as it is found in TUS? I’m asking the question because even if this statement is a mark of support and empathy, I’m uncomfortable with the idea that there seems to be a subset of Unicode that despite being plain text by definition, cannot be used in every plain text string. Please feel free to post your definition of "plain text". I feel that it will add to the collection.

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