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> On 14/01/2019 06:08, James Kass via Unicode wrote:
> >
> > Marcel Schneider wrote,
> >
> >> There is a crazy typeface out there, misleadingly called 'Courier
> >> New', as if the foundry didn’t anticipate that at some point it
> >> would be better called "Courier Obsolete". ...
> >
> > ������ �������������� seems a bit ��������<i>é</i> nowadays, as well.
> >
> > (Had to use mark-up for that “span” of a single letter in order to
> > indicate the proper letter form.  But the plain-text display looks
> > crazy with that HTML jive in it.)
> >
> I apologize for seeming to question the font name ������ ���� while
> targeting only
> the fact that this typeface is not updated to support the <NNBSP>. It just
> looks like the grand name is now misused to make people believe that if
> **this** great font is unsupporting <NNBSP>, it has a good reason to do so,
> and we should keep people off using that “exotic whitespace” otherwise than
> “intended,” ie for Mongolian. Since fortunately TUS started backing its use
> in French (2014)

This is not for Mongolian and French wanted this space since long and it
has a use even in English since centuries for fine typography.
So no, NNBSP is definitely NOT "exotic whitespace". It's just that it was
forgotten in the early stages of computing with legacy 8-bit encodings but
it should have been in Unicode since the begining as its existence is
proven long before the computing age (before ASCII, or even before Baudot
and telegraphic systems). It has alsway been used by typographs, it has
centuries of tradition in publishing. And it has always been recommended
and still today for French for all books/papers publishers.
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