A last missing link for interoperable representation

Tex via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Mon Jan 14 00:19:29 CST 2019

"Looking back at the history of computing, a large chunk of the
underlying technology has hit stability. ARM chips, x86 chips, Unix,
and Windows have all been around since 1985 or before, roughly 35
years ago and 35 years since the first programmed computer. They
aren't wildly changing."

I would encourage you to return to a system of 35 years ago, if you believe they are the same.

Performance, pipeline, memory access, device support, graphical capabilities, underlying instructions, security features...

One could argue the wheel is medieval and still works today, but the wheels I drive on are designed for a variety of weather conditions, traction, minimal noise generation, light weight with durability and high performance, and are particular to the front or back axle. And I know from experience the wrong wheels can spin me around and ram me into a median...


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