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Fri Jan 11 16:10:25 CST 2019

On 11.01.2019 11:43, Tex via Unicode wrote:
> Martin,
> James is making the case there is demand or a user need and that the
> proof is that users are using inconsistent tactics to simulate a
> solution to their problem.

The use of math characters is mostly to get around limitations of 
Twitter (and some other platforms). There are plenty of rich text 
formats like Markdown and Html existing already.

I am rather doubtful that it should be Unicode's responsibility to get 
around lack of rich text support via special characters and fonts, 
especially since many platforms do not allow users to freely change the 
fonts (and if these platforms installed such fonts, they could just as 
easily support markup/rich text instead). Even if they do, the 
programs/platforms involved would not necessarily enable these fonts by 
default: if the wanted rich text, they would be supporting it already.

Also, any Unicode-based rich text standard would not really be standard 
compared to the vast amount of HTML out there already.

David Faulks

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