A last missing link for interoperable representation

Adam Borowski via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Wed Jan 9 20:31:10 CST 2019

On Wed, Jan 09, 2019 at 02:33:02PM -0700, Doug Ewell via Unicode wrote:
> James Kass wrote:
> > (I still get a kick out of this:)
> > http://www.ewellic.org/mathtext.html

> Andrew West’s online “Unicode Text Styler” includes non-math
> characters (like circled and fullwidth) as well, and is probably better,
> although it doesn't include the ransom-note option:
> http://www.babelstone.co.uk/Unicode/text.html

And for the command line, there's my https://github.com/kilobyte/tran

No ransom-note as I pretend the tool's primary use is tran{scrib,literat}ing
between actual human scripts -- but it's remarkably easier to automate a
command line tool...

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